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Springfield/Eugene Habitat for Humanity

Springfield/Eugene Habitat for Humanity was incorporated in 1990. The formation process was nurtured by interested spiritual leaders and laypersons from local faith communities and other community leaders. We are an affiliate in good standing of Habitat for Humanity International, dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing for low-income members of our community; believing that all God’s people deserve a decent place to live.

The first office was in downtown Springfield, followed by about 18 years at First Baptist Church at 12th and G Streets in Springfield. In September, 2009, the affiliate moved to its present location at 1210 Oak Patch Road, Eugene, OR 97402. Besides the new and more servable offices and meeting areas, the new location also incorporates construction warehouse space and plenty of room for our ReStore – to open in early 2010.

Our first house was completed in 1992 on a lot purchased from the City of Springfield. Property in Veneta was donated in 1992 and house two completed in 1993. The first Eugene home built by Habitat was completed in 1994. Through the end of 2009, the affiliate has completed 42 houses serving 184 persons. House number 43 is to be completed by May 2010.

The Springfield/Eugene affiliate is honored to be selected by Habitat for Humanity of Oregon as the host site for the 1,000 th Home built by Habitat affiliates in Oregon. The home will be started in early 2010 with a dedication ceremony to take place on October 10, 2010.

Habitats for Humanity affiliates around the world have reached a fantastic milestone of building over 300,000 houses. Homes have been built in about 3,000 communities in 90 nations housing over 1,500,000 people. Our local tithe of 10% of our unrestricted donations goes to Habitat for Humanity International for use in building homes in Nicaragua has made it possible for us to help build a home there for every home built locally.

Funding for Springfield/Eugene Habitat comes from many sources including churches, businesses, service groups, and individuals; house sponsors; grants from federal and local governments, foundations, and businesses; zero interest mortgage payments made by Habitat homeowners; and other sources. Over 3,500 hours of volunteer labor is contributed to each house built. Thousands of dollars of in-kind contributions of materials and labor or services are donated to building project.

Partner Families are selected based on 3 criteria – need, willingness to partner, and ability to pay the zero interest, no-profit mortgage. Families contribute 400 – 500 or more hours of sweat equity in helping build their own home and the homes of others, in homeowner education activities, and supporting the work of Habitat.

Habitat volunteers regularly express their joy in helping transform the lives of our Partner Families through our homeownership program. Habitat homes enhance their neighborhoods, enable families to become more committed to their communities, and bring fulfill our families’ dreams.


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