Habitat Family Pays Off Mortgage – 3 Years Early!

Alfonso and Edith receive a certificate of achievement.

Alfonso and Edith receive a certificate of achievement.

A dream come true. These were the feelings expressed by Alfonso and Edith Ramirez as they recently wrote a check for their very last mortgage payment. As a Habitat Partner Family, they built their home in Springfield in 1998 with the help of many dedicated volunteers. For nearly 17 years, month after month, they routinely sent in their payments on their zero-interest Habitat mortgage. Each month’s payment increased their equity and inched them closer to their dream of debt-free homeownership.


Ceremonial mortgage burning

On Friday, January 16th,  three generations of the Ramirez family celebrated this accomplishment, along with neighbors, friends, Habitat board members and staff.  Alfonso and Edith burned a copy of their mortgage, as their children and grandchildren looked on.  Congratulations, Ramirez family!

Listen to KLCC’s coverage of this event here.


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